Sabado, Agosto 11, 2012

Martes, Mayo 1, 2012


 This is my first trip in 2012 muntik pa nga hindi matuloy =D. i have no clue what will gonna be happen Anong mayroon sa lugar na yun, basta i know that Hindi ako nagiisa, i have my very best friends.. This is the start of our Journey...
 At the Victory Liner Pasay, (Left) Kath and (Right) Mac.  

Stop Over at Tarlac for Lunch

After 8 hours of sitting on the bus we arrived around 5:00pm and crave for Frappe at SM Baguio

We ride a jeep from Baguio to Kapangan Benguet (4hrs. Travel).

We have a heavy breakfast in the morning, They don't usually eat bread in the morning they prefer full meal so they will have enough strength before go to the rice field.

Scene in the Veranda of Hadsan Family (Mac's relative, they were so accommodating and friendly).

First day in Kapangan Benguet, we are attending a typical wedding of a Igorot couple. 

 This Big Old Tree is not creepy, It's so amazing! "hindi uso ang multo at maligno dito" well I haven't felt anything weird I love the place instead! 

Elder Igorots, They are so humble and kind. "Hindi mo nga sila naiintindihan sa salita but definitely hindi ikaw ang pinaguusapan nila" they always smile when they look at you. They greet you with a smile everytime makaksalubong mo sila.

Mt. Calucasog  a breathtaking scenery from where  I stand at Kapangan Benguet. (Thanks to someone for reminding me the name =D.)

Kape Arabica. my favorite! how I wish to brought some of these in Manila.


first time to see a "tutubing kalabaw" =D

My most precious photo. The most finest and greenest! so relaxing.

I love this photo very much! It's shows how strong a true friendships are.

after a long walk, so tiring but still it's a blast!


This is what you called simple life that, Money can't buy... - PEACE

It's the most treasured time we kept.


This is our 2nd day in Kapangan wherein we will visiting Mac's relatives in Malagyao. I thought it would be easy, (lakad lang naman e!) but then when I saw the way to the place they were talking about "No i'll not gonna join you!" Shocks! I'm super duper afraid of heights and then we where going to pass that footbridge??(Hindi ko na inalam kung gaano kalalim, rolling into deep daw! haha =D)

Its the only way to Brgy. Malagyao (before i can't pronounce that word =D its a tongue twister for me =D)

Yes! it's not a joke you must think twice before you decide =D

They enjoying the scenery and the bridge itself.

 At syempre,  I need to face my fear, wala naman maarte sa grupo e! buti nalang my tour guide kami. =D Thanks to him buo parin ako paguwi.. wait lang? asan na puso ko? naiwan ata dun (Joke! hehe)

We capture the beautiful greenest scenery i ever seen, from Brgy. Pudong ( hmm is it Dugong? what ever they pronounce it it's still the scene make it best hehe =D)

Next stop and the last was the Amburayan River (I tought it was Amburao heheh sorry =D) It was so perfect when we get there, the cold water in the river was perfect for the afternoon.

Credits for our tour guide for being a good host. Tenkyow! =D

Enjoying the cool water.. 

It's Just a perfect getaway.. Hope for the second  next Year =D